Hello,it’s very nice to meet you. I’m “Zazunayu”,this blog’s administrator.
I think that there is no person with such a name in Japanese, so you will soon know that it is not a real name. Yes, it is my nickname.
At first, I tried “Yazunayu” (which means ”I know” in Russian language). But I mistyped “Zazunayu” OK, It is not bad so I go for this.(laugh).

I have been a human being for quite a while (laugh).
Well, I think it would be not good to give readers preconceptions by issuing my personal information too much,
Please forgive me. My personal information is only a Japanese male living in Japan. Sorry, That’s all.
Any way, I think that you can also understand my personal information somewhat if you read my articles more.

I will write this blog in Japanese and English bilingual. However, since my mother tongue is Japanese, please forgive me for my English as “English written by the Japanese”.
The main content of this blog is news that I’m interested in and my opinion about them.
For foreigners, I would like this blog to make you understand Japan and its people more.
Well, then, I’m looking forward to your visit this blog.